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I got a shoutout on Twitter from some cool people I met this weekend at PAX West!

I Need Diverse Games is a non-profit organization dedicated to better diversifying the gaming industry. I attended a panel while at PAX this weekend called “Challenging Assumptions about Diversity with Data” (link to presentation within) and one of the speakers was the founder of INDG, Tanya. I spoke with her and her table assistant Tiffany the next day at their booth in the Diversity Lounge, the section of the con dedicated to inclusivity (complete with gender neutral bathrooms in the adjacent hallway). I showed Tanya and Tiffany the LGBTQ buttons I designed recently and have been donating proceeds from to charity. They expressed interest in purchasing some of my buttons and also offered to promote my efforts on their Twitter which was really nice of them.

If you’d like to purchase these buttons and help me raise money for LGBT charities, follow this link to my shop.

Thanks for reading 🙂