I’m Eli and I like to draw and design things. I also like to solve problems and help people.

I’m a Miami-raised illustrator and designer living in the Seattle area. I graduated in 2014 from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC with a bachelors degree in illustration after briefly majoring in photography. I’ve also been doing freelance graphic design for about 10 years now after taking an interest in it during high school. 

When I’m not working, I spend my time drawing with friends in coffee shops, playing videogames and cooking with my partner, browsing design blogs, or painting in Photoshop. Lately, I’m working more on my online presence, and I’ve been looking into attending more conventions as a vendor. I run an Etsy shop from home while doing freelance design work.

I am available for hire! If you have an idea you want painted, need a logo or branding, want to promote an event with posters, flyers, and other print material, want to commission some art, or just want to say hi, email me or fill out this form!

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