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Today I last-minute printed my portfolio stuff for Jaime’s class. I took longer than anticipated to leave the house thanks to being distracted by Mad Men.

There was a tiny complication at the print shop due to language barriers but things worked out. I accidentally printed the postcard mailer too big because I forgot to double check the template I made, but it looks alright anyways. The prints aren’t the best quality and my colors shifted some but altogether, the work looks pretty good.

I feel a bit narcissistic with having my face all over my stuff and it’s strange to present my work under such a coherent brand. The complete package consists of the printed portfolio in this black velcro box, an oversized postcard mailer, an envelope containing mini prints, stickers and a business card, and a leave behind novelty package containing 3 buttons and some more stickers. Despite the print quality, I’m happy overall.